Se As Deusas Quiserem

Work in progress

I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess
Donna Haraway

Se As Deusas Quiserem (“Goddesses willing“, adaptation from a famous Brazilian adage, meaning “God willing“, “Se Deus quiser“, which I feminized and pluralized here) is a work about the idea of fertility and our relationship with the Earth.

In ancient times, and in many cultures, fertility used to be in the hands of women. Goddesses of fertility, agriculture and abundance were often women, with curvy bodies and visible (sometimes even multiplied), sexual organs.
Nowadays, the Gods of the three main monotheistic religions are one single man, and our relationship to the Earth and fertility is made through chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Furthermore, in a World where poisoning people far away from us to grow our own food (or our cattle’s) seem not to be a problem, we cannot ignore that the topic of pesticides is intrinsically linked with contemporary colonialism.

By connecting iconography from those two different perceptions on fertility and abundance of the Earth, in this work, I attempt to create multiplicity through creativity and the arts.