In February 2014, the Brazilian Post Office printed 600,000 stamps dedicated to the World Cup. In a few days, all of the 600,000 stamps had sold out on the internet and in stores.

In Rio de Janeiro, near the Maracanã stadium, where most of the World Cup games were played in Summer 2014, is the Antigo Museu do Índio. This is the country’s only site dedicated to indigenous culture, and it has been occupied by different Indian communities for years. In March 2013, after months of struggle, the Indians were violently removed from the museum by the military police. It was done to make way for a complex of restaurants, parking lots and stores filled with products related to the 2014 World Cup.

Today, after the end of the Worldcup, the Antigo Museu do Indio was able to escape from demolition, but it is barricaded and under the control of Government ; Indians have no right to access the place.

The 11 images of the series Esgotados were printed as hundreds of posters that were displayed in the streets of Arles’ during the soccer World Cup in 2014.

Collages (Postcards, stamps), posters