Brazil : System error (#elenão)


This work was made during the two last tours of the Presidential elections in Brazil, in October 2018. I felt the urge to alert about the statements made by the one that would become president of Brazil following those elections. Indeed, Jair Bolsonaro has made racist, homophobic, and misogynist statements throughout his career that fosters hateful discourse and goes against the values of democracy.

For Brazil : System Error (#elenão), photos collected from search engines using the search term “Brazil” have been modified by alterating their digital code. Quotes from the Brazilian president were added to the image code using a text editor.

The resulting compositions of an often stereotypical, happy, and colorful country are altered by the technique of “glitching,” normally associated with video games and visual abnormalities caused by programming errors. Here the visual corruption creates metaphorical representations of how Brazil can manifest systemic failure and be affected by discourse that threatens the foundations of democracy and universal human rights.

Lightboxes (oak wood, museum glas, LED)