Fair Play


Paris is the host city for the next Olympic Games, in 2024.

Most of the infrastructures will indeed be located in the outskirts of Paris (homes to the underprivileged populations). One of the biggest parks of the region, Parc Georges-Valbon, green lung for the East of the capital, will be particularly affected, as several of its areas will be left open to different infrastructures. The authorizations for covering with concrete L’Aire des Vents, the most vulnerable area of the park, in order to build the media village were recently approved.

The silhouettes of 44 protected animal species of the park (including the Natterjack toad who would not make it after the Olympic Games according to a recent study by ANCA) were cut out from the 266 pages of the application form of Paris 2024.

This work was inspired by the actions of the collective Notre parc n’est pas à vendre, who is currently carrying out actions in order to save the park and its biodiversity.

Application form for Paris 2024 (266 pages), cutouts